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January 7, 2010 Corinne, Kerry, EVZ

At 12:20 was a nice instance of David's trying to express “name the thing you don't know”

At 12:24 was a nice example of David dealing with an unexpected student question

At 12:33 Corinne suggested a small white board question in words and David automatically turned it into symbols It was 'ask the students to show that v1 and v2 were not orthogonal (eigenvectors of the matrix he was finding the eignenvectors and eigenvalues for, 1 2 9 4. The students noticed that the eigenvectors were not orthogonal and I wasn't sure that everyone knew what that meant and I suggested to david A SWBQ to show that these are not orthogonal and he posed it as 'calculate this particular braket' because to him those two questions were the same. KB: It is interesting that we put in so much effort to make the symbols and the language seem to be the same thing and then as teachers we have to separate them out again.

At 1:21, there was a particularly elequent student report, If we want an example that would impress other faculty, I would love my students to make a report as good as this, that would be a good example.

Common student mistake: factoring out h bar over 2, David found three different ways students might do this.

KB: I had a group of students who had lambda plus one as one of their factors, had it squared lambha plus one, so their eigenvalues were i and i, example of algebra error that really affects things.

C: Group 7, thought two mattrices had the same vectors, the student caught the error, they calculated the determint incorrectly, the two mattrices had same eigenvalues with different eignevectors.

EVZ: we need to discuss the location of the instructor. David was in front and had a conversation with the presenter that excluded the rest of the students. C sits in back and everyone is included in the conversation with the presenter. Encouages student to project; people adjust level of voice to who they are talking to, if sit far away they talk louder.

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