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This paragraph contains some musings about what you have to think about when constructing curriculum at the upper division level:

  1. How we order the content?
  • A basis of the paradigms is that we review and/or teach the math as we go along - Just-in-Time Math
  • Dilemma - we want the physics concepts to develop in a logical order, but you have to be careful that the students mathematics skills develop in a logical order as well. These needs can conflict with each other.
  1. How do you weave the mathematics around the physics content? An important problem for the symmetries course, for example, is that - students never knew or don't remember vector calculus.
  2. You also have to be able to alternate things so that your group activities fall on the long days.
  3. Especially for the first paradigms, we would like to start with physics rather than math.

The importance of sequences of activities.

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