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This is a record of a conversation between Emily van Zee and Corinne Manogue, July 2008

Emily's list of types of classroom discourse:

  • Lecture
  • Recitation–interaction around correct answers
  • Guided Discussion–what is the student thinking?
  • Student↔student (within the whole group)
  • student↔student (small group
  • Student report

Students modelling professional behavior.

Physics is about relationships.

How to move your office hours into the classroom.

  • Content
  • Special Cases
  • Thinking processes
    • Practice drawing inferences
    • Rocognize patterns
    • Model asking professional questions
  • Querying expectations ↔implications
  • Changing epistemology
  • Developing classes, properties, & characteristics (the need to wonder about)
    • Multiple representations
    • chunking
    • What kind of a beast is it?
  • Refining resources

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