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We use three different sizes of whiteboards for various different kinds of activities:

Wall-Mounted Whiteboards

These whiteboards are large and vertically mounted on the walls (like the front blackboard). We use these for activities where student groups present their results/calculations to the rest of the class.


Tabletop Whiteboards

These whiteboards are about 2×3 feet and lie flat on the groups' table/desks. We use these for most small group activities as a workspace for students to share their ideas with other members of there group (and so that the instructor can easily monitor the group's progress!).


Small Whiteboards

These whiteboards are a little larger than a sheet of paper (maybe two sheets side-by-side) and are for individual use. Students can each respond to a Socratic question and the instructor can collect these whiteboards for discussion with the whole class.

Small Whiteboard Small Whiteboard

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