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Paradigms and Capstones at Oregon State University

The middle- and upper-division courses for physics majors have been extensively reordered compared to traditional curricula. The junior-year “paradigms” classes are each three weeks long and meet every day for a total of seven hours each week. Each course focuses on a single illustrative example from physics. The senior-year “capstone” classes cover the more advanced topics of a traditional second semester. Together, these courses cover roughly the same content as a single semester in each of the traditional physics subdisciplines.

(The links below take you to the course home pages, which include both a brief description and detailed content information. For the content only, go here.)

Paradigms Courses

More about the philosophy of Paradigms

Fall of Year 3

Winter of Year 3

Spring of Year 3

Capstone Courses (Typically taught at the end of year 3 and in year 4)

More about the

[[.:capphil|philosophy of Capstones]]

Mathematics Courses

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