Unit: Classical Central Forces

Center of Mass (35 minutes)

Introduction to Central Force Problems, Reduced Mass and Angular Momentum (1 hour 10 minutes)

Polar Coordinates (40 minutes)

Solving the Central Force Equations of Motion for the Shape of the Orbit (90 minutes)

Effective Potentials (90 minutes)

Unit: Quantum Central Forces in One Dimension (The Ring Problem)

The Schrödinger's Equation for Central Forces (70 minutes)

The Ring (2-3 hours)

Unit: The Quantum Rigid Rotor

Solving the $\theta$ Equation for the Legendre Polynomial Series (2 hr)

This section may also be found in Math Bits.

Spherical Harmonics (3 hr)

Unit: The Hydrogen Atom

The Radial Equation (1 hr)

The Hydrogen Atom (1 hr)

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