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January 7, 2010 Corinne, Kerry, evz

I think there are a lot of times when I at least have a conversation with a group and with some prompting they discover something and then that conversation is reflected in the presentation that that agroup gives and I'm always happy that the students are telling other students rather than me telling other students.

KB: makes me thing about the way I've seen people teach Workshop Physics and the way I've taught Workshop Physics and often I think people withhold things, let the students struggle and hold the punch line for themselves unless the students generate it on their own; in contrast to talking to the students in the group and then when the students report they get to give the punchline, they get to tell the class some interesting new piece of information rather than the teacher.

I will often withhold the punch line if the students in their group haven't done anything that gets at that punch line but if I go up to a group and they're really excited because they've noticed some interesting pattern or have discovered or seen something they're excited about I'll often expand on that and tell them for example a case in physics where that comes up or what the name of it is or even pose some further question to help them see some other new aspect of that in the small group and then they will often share that with the class as a whole.

I would say that this eigenvectors, eigenvalue activity from day 4 of the preface across many different years would be good to look at for this because it's a compare and contrast activity because the different groups do different examples that have unique aspects to them. My memory is that I've often had such things happen on this day.

On this particualr day in 2010, at 1:17, the group that was reporting said you can do this by inspection and there was this sweet exchange when David asked them when they had written that on their board and they said 'right at the beginning' when it was clear that they had changed it later. (KB: they had worked through all the details, you could see where it was all erased)(even their tone of voice)

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