Magnetic Fields


  • Cross Product (for right hand rule stuff and in Biot-Savart)
  • Line Integrals (for using the Biot-Savart Law for linear current densities)
  • Surface and Volume Integrals (optional) (for surface and volume current densities)
  • Electrostatic Potential & Electric Field for a Ring of Charge (for comparison with the spinning ring)

In-class Content

  • Derivation of the Biot-Savart Law from Magnetic Vector Potential (lecture - 15 min)
  • (optional) Comparing B and A for spinning ring (class discussion/lecture - 15 min) Note: Curl is needed for 3 different ideas in this class: Conservative Work, Going from $\vec A$ to $\vec B$, and getting from $\vec B$ to $\vec J$.

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