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The Paradigms Project

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  • Corinne A. Manogue and Kenneth S. Krane, Paradigms in Physics: Restructuring the Upper Level, Physics Today 56, 53-58 (2003).(Copyright Notice) (pdf)

Scientific Aspects of the Paradigms Project

  • David H. McIntyre, Using Great Circles to Understand Motion on a Rotating Sphere, American Journal of Physics, 68, 1097 (2000). (Copyright Notice) (pdf) (html)
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Vector Calculus Bridge Project

(Related to the Symmetries and Idealizations and Static Vector Fields Paradigms)


  • Paradigms in Physics, David McIntyre, Contributed Poster for the 2006 Conference on Achieving Systemic Changes in Physics Teaching at Leading Research Universities, Washington, DC.

Student Theses

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