Prerequisites to Flux

Students need to know how to calculate integrals on surfaces:

  • Dot Product (for finding the components of vector field perpendicular to surface)
  • Cross Product (for finding unit vector normal to surface)
  • Electric Field as vector field (for calculating electric flux)
  • Surface Element in Rectangular and Curvilinear Coordinates (finding unit vector normal to surface)
  • Scalar Surface Integrals (for finding total flux)

In-class Content

Homework for Static Fields

  1. (FluxCubeGEM210) This problem is an easy, quick follow-up to test your understanding of fluxem activity, from Griffiths E&M book.

  2. (FluxCylinderMHG19120) This problem is an easy, quick conceptual question about flux, from Hughes Hallett vector calculus book.

  3. (FluxParaboloid) This problem is a long calculation testing whether you can calculate surface elements and flux in a complicated curvilinear coordinate setting.

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