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Unit: Math Bits

  • Differentials
  • Zapping with d
  • Small Group Activity: Exploring the Partial Derivative Machine
  • Partial Derivative Machine dictionary
  • dU
  • Numerical Integration
  • Chain Rules
    • Small Group Activity: PDM Derivatives
  • Chain Rule Diagrams
  • Small Group Activity: The Elevator Cycle

Unit: First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics

  • Intro to Thermodynamic Properties
    • Lab: Ice Lab I
  • Comparing Thermodynamic Properties
  • Jargon
  • First Law
  • Snapping a Rubber Band
  • Second Law
  • Thermodynamic Identity
  • Name the Experiment
  • Heat Capacity
Hour 11: Scattering
  • Lab: Ice Lab II
Hour 12: Heat and Work
  • Free expansion quiz and discussion
  • Work
  • Heat
Hour 13: Heat and Work
  • Using pV and TS Plots
Hour 14: Heat and Work
  • Analyzing a Simple Curve

Unit: Internal Energy

  • Name the Experiment II (Heat and/or First Law)
  • Legendre Transformations
  • Maxwell Relations
  • Maxwell Relation Activities
  • Name The Experiment
    • Rubber Band Lab
    • Mathematica Activity:
  • Sometimes Always Never True (1st half)
    • Mathematica Activity:

Unit: Statistical Mechanics

  • Fairness Function and Probability
Hour 22: Holiday
  • Maximizing S
  • Lagrange Multipliers
  • Weighted Averages
  • Derive Boltzman Ratio and connect to THermo ($U = \sum p_iE_i$)
  • Diatomic Gas
  • Review

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