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Unit: Math Bits

    • Kinesthetic Activity: Survivor Outer Space
    • Small Whiteboard Activity: Air Table
    • Small Group Activity: Velocity and Acceleration in Polar Coordinates FIXME Add this activity

    • Mathematica Activity: Plotting Conic Sections FIXME CAM moved this activity

Unit: First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics

  • Intro to Thermodynamic Properties
  • Lab: Ice Lab I
  • Comparing Thermodynamic Properties
  • Jargon
  • First Law
  • Second Law
  • Thermodynamic Identity
  • Name the Experiment
Hour 11: Scattering
  • Heat Capacity
  • Lab: Ice Lab II
Hour 12: Scattering
  • Free expansion quiz and discussion
  • Work
  • Heat
  • Using pV and TS Plots
  • Analyzing a Simple Curve

Unit: Internal Energy

    • Small Group Activity: The Ring
    • Mathematica Activity: Visualizing Time Dependence

Unit: Math Bits - Boundary Value Problems

    • Small Group Activity: Infinite Square Well Squared
    • Mathematica Activity: Legendre Polynomial Expansions

Unit: The Quantum Rigid Rotor

Hour 22: Holiday
    • Kinesthetic Activity : Visualizing Spherical Harmonics
    • Mathematica Activity : Plotting Spherical Harmonic Superpositions

Unit: The Hydrogen Atom

    • Mathematica Activity: Visualizing Radial Wave Functions
Hours 30-31: The Hydrogen Atom
  • The Full Solution
    • Mathematica Activity: Visualizing Probability Density
Hour 35: Review

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