Student 1
Learned: understand velocity
Wants to Know: what greenland looks like now

Student 2
Learned: what US gov is doing about climate change
Wants to Know: how day with kids will go

Student 3
Learned: how ice is changing atmosphere
Wants to Know:

Student 4
Learned: how can relate basketball and ice melting to kids
Wants to Know: how much ice is melting now

Student 5
Learned: ice melting rapid speed we should do something about it
Wants to Know: oyster population

Student 6
Learned: velocity
Wants to Know: is speed at which ice melting is constant

Student 7
Learned: position volocity spped all connected
Wants to Know: greenland looks like now

Student 8
Learned: how fast ice moving,, didn't know could be visible over
Wants to Know: slope velocity with motion detectors what age group teach

Student 9
Learned: velocty motion related
Wants to Know:

Student 10
Wants to Know:

Student 11
Wants to Know:

Student 12
Wants to Know:

Student 13
Wants to Know:

Peer Instructor
Learned: processed foods affect global warming
Wants to Know: as a world if we will stop climate change

Peer Instructor
Learned: tides
Wants to Know: different cultures involve moon in every day life

Learned: university does have little pencils
Wants to Know:

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