Book Talks

What is a book talk?

A book talk is a short presentation of a book, often given by teachers, to entice students to read. Teachers usually present the title, author/illustrator, a brief overview of the plot, and some interesting components of the book. By giving a preview of what exciting things each book entails, teachers encourage students to pick up books they might not have looked at on their own. Book talks encourage exploration of new ideas through reading in a fun and exciting way!booktalkpicture.jpg

Why are book talks important?

Video: The Importance of Book Talks Why should I give book talks?
theimportanceofbooktalks.movThey provide an additional learning modality
Teacher modeling of reading/book interest promotes student reading/book interest
Students will likely learn something interesting about a new topic they didn't know they liked
Makes learning more fun and approachable
Alternative to “boring” textbooks

What does a book talk look like?

Components of a book talk Video: Student Book Talk
Excited/interested tone of voice
Shares points of interest about the book: pictures or ideas
Leave students with a question so they want to find the answer
Use an appropriate book for the age/ability level
Share books that are content-related to a subject they are studying

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