Fall 2009: Day 5 Reflections

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Fall 2009-Day 5
The Instructional Strategy of Reflection

What did you learn? What are you still curious about?
Working in groups was helpful as we were going over the homework assignment. How would you understand the concepts of mirror studies to a child?
You have to have a mirror that is half of your height. Does the position of the mirror on the wall make a difference in how you see your reflection?
How big a mirror needs to be for a person to see their entire body in the reflection. Why does the moon look bigger sometimes than at other times in terms of size, not what is missing/showing?
The connection between the angle of incidence and the angle of inflection. If you had a very small mirror, and if you stood very far away, would you be able to see your whole reflection at some point? How far away would you need to get?
A mirror needs to be half your height to see your whole reflection. If the mirror was angled differently, would it change the way you see your reflection?
It is wonderful to see people in the process of changing their ideas. Are there ways to explain both physics and the learning process on the students' websites?

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