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The Field Data path of our website is intended to serve as a repository for productivity- related measurements that will contribute to an advanced understanding of phytoplankton physiology and photosynthesis. We encourage researchers collecting relevant data to contribute their results to this website (to make a contribution, please contact Robert O'Malley at: omalleyr_at_science_dot_oregonstate_dot_edu). Currently, the two categories of field data we're supporting are variable fluorescence data and carbon-14 based productivity measurements. You can access these data by selecting the appropriate tab above.

Currently, you are viewing the Carbon-14 field productivity data page. Here you can access historical productivity data collected from a wide variety of environments. To access the productivity data, go to the "Online Data" tab above.

File Header

This is the header from the Carbon-14 database file:

$												$
$  DEFINITIONS/Units 										$
$												$
$	Count 		1 - 23,868								$
$	Cruise		Research Program or Ship name 						$
$	Day 		DAY of month								$
$	Month		Month of the year							$
$	Year 		YEAR of 20th century							$
$	LAT 		LATITUDE in fractional degrees 						$
$			(Positive = North; Negative = South)					$
$	LONG		LONGITUDE in fractional degrees						$
$			(Positive = East; Negative = West)					$
$	Temp		Sea surface TEMPERATURE in degrees Celsius				$
$	DayLength	Number of hours in photoperiod.						$
$	Irr 		Surface IRRADIANCE measured & estimated (Einstein/m2)			$
$	Pb_opt		(mgC/mgChl/hr)								$
$	Depth 		SAMPLE DEPTH in meters							$
$	%Irr 		Incubation light intensity as a PERCENTAGE of surface Irradiance	$
$	O.D. 		OPTICAL DEPTH = (-Kd)*(depth in meters)					$
$	Chl 		CHLOROPHYLL concentration in mgChl/m3					$
$	Pb 		Chlorophyll normalized mean hourly Carbon Fixation rate			$
$			in mgC/mgChl/m3/hr							$
$	PP 		Daily Carbon Fixation in mgC/m3/day, or DAILY PRIMARY PRODUCTION	$
$	IPP		Integrated Daily Carbon Fixation in mgC/m2/day				$
$												$

A typical station will have all the columns filled out for the first depth on station, and then continue adding records with Depth through Daily Primary Production filled out for successive sample depths.


The file contains contributions from eight different sources, and was originaly posted at the Rutgers' site by Mike Behrenfeld and Paul Falkowski. We offer that file here as well, and have broken it into it's eight different subsets in case there is interest in viewing the individual sources.

New data will be added as they become available.

Last Modified: 03 December 2006
by:  Robert O'Malley
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