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Biology 103 Objectives and Assessment (Grading)

The course objectives are directly derived from the course outcomes and assessments match the course objectives. Use the course objectives as a guide for studying. Be aware that objectives include detailed conceptual knowledge, skills, and vocabulary that are not specifically listed (you will be able to fill in these details from your lecture notes, laboratories, recitations, and readings).

Not all objectives encompass the same breadth of concepts and skills. For example, there may be two or more exam questions related to outcome #10, because there are numerous concepts within this objective.

Occasionally news items related to course topics will be added to lecture to relay current information. This information can appear on later exams.

Activity # Objective Primary
Any Lecture 1
Describe a current biology news story. (if used, it will be labeled "objective #1" when introduced in lecture)
Any Exam

The broader concepts from weeks one through six (organ systems, homeostatis, etc.) will appear on the cumulative portion of the final exam (approximately 10 of the 60 questions on the final exam). A printable PDF formatted version of the Biology 103 2019 Learning Objectives is also available at this website and in the BI 103 Student Activity Manual purchased at the OSU Bookstore.

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