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Biology 103 Journals

BI 103 - Spring 2020 is going "Remote." Meaning you will be able to do the entire course online, from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a computer and internet connection. There are no materials/textbooks to purchase for this course. All of the OSU BI 103's course information will be housed in Canvas. The information on this website will not be maintained in 2020 due to our "Remote" teaching efforts.

The three Biology Journals are collections of work that represents individual content knowledge and skills over specific topics. The journal format documents learning over time and is a format widely used beyond the classroom.

Journals are primarily used to assess skill outcomes. There are three journals due during the term. Journals are submitted through the mail-slot in the door of 131 Weniger. Directions for constructing the journals are in Appendix C of the activity manual and on the back cover of Journal #1. Grading information is in Appendix C of the activity manual and written on the inner back cover of each journal. Instructions for submitting late journals are written on the back cover of each journal.

Journal Assignment Schedule

Biology Journal #1 (pdf - print duplex flip on short end)

Biology Journal #2 (pdf - print duplex flip on short end)

Biology Journal #3 (pdf - print duplex flip on short end)

1. Assemble the journals, instructions are on the inner front cover of Journal #1, all three journals are located in the back of activity packet, unfolded.
2. Some of the journal entries are done on your own, others require an in-class stamp. Attendance is required on the dates of the stamped activities to recieve credit, see Journal Assignment Table on the next page.
3. To receive credit, journal entries need to be appropriate for a multi-generational public environment. Minimize disruptive impact to other students, the community, organisms, and the environment.
4. Exercise safety on your science excursions. Be alert and travel with friends.

1. Due Dates are written on the back cover of each journal, and in the Journal Assignment Table on the next page.
2. Late journal information and mandatory deduction is also provided on the back cover of each journal. No journals are accepted for credit after the second late date and time.
3. Grading Information for each journal is written on the inside back cover.
a. Each completed page is worth 1.0 point each, with the exception of the invertebrate mini poster pages (Journal #3)
b. Zero points are assigned to pages that did not have a required stamp (see table)
c. Deductions are taken to pages that are incomplete, have errors, or inappropriate content

Goals of the Biology Journal
The goal of this assignment is for students to achieve one or more of the following outcomes:
- try new science experiences, including journaling
- see/perceive nature and science in a new way
- generate new science ideas
- reflect on science learning
- make something that can be kept for future reference

Use Journaling Beyond BI 103
Use journaling skills for a lifetime, try digital, print or a mix of formats. Possible themes include: Travel Journal, Garden Journal, Book of Lists, Study Journal, Art Journal, Field Notes, Sketchbook, Inspiration Journal, Photo Album, Scrapbook, and/or Daily Logs.

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