An internal internship is one component of the  CHEMISTRY EDUCATION OPTION and the rules are stated below:

The course instructor will serve as the faculty mentor for the TA Intern.

The TA Intern will enroll in the teaching seminar (CH 407 SEM/teaching) during the Fall term of the academic year that CH 410 is taken.

The normal load for three credits of CH 410 includes the following for the TA Intern and should total 90 - 100 hr/ term.

1. Each TA Intern will have the normal TA responsibilities for 1 section of general chemistry lab and recitation (3-4 hrs contact/week) or three general chemistry recitations (3 hr contact/week).

2. The TA Intern is expected to attend and participate in the weekly course staff meeting (1 hr contact/week).

3. The TA Intern is expected to meet weekly with the assigned faculty mentor to discuss teaching techniques.

4. The TA Intern will be assigned to help grade and proctor midterms and the final (10 hr/term).

5. The TA Intern is allotted 3-4 hrs per week for preparations (30-40 hr/ term). This time includes reading the text, doing homework problems, designing and producing quizzes, reading and practicing lab procedures.

Student interns will be provided written and oral feedback on performance as a TA.  A separate student review in addition to the regular OSU course evaluation forms will be conducted for courses for which TA Intern served as one of the course TA's.

Enrollment in the above courses is open to all chemistry majors, not only students who have declared the chemistry education option.

updated 04/04/2012 (cp)