Christine Pastorek , Ph.D.

Director of Integrated Laboratory Program &   Senior Instructor
Department of Chemistry
Oregon State University
Office:  Gilbert Hall 247
Voice: (541) 737-6732
FAX:(541) 737-2062

Physical Chemistry
B.S. (ACS) University of San Francisco  1974
Ph.D. Oregon State University 1980 (J.C. Decius)

Dr. Pastorek directs the Integrated Lab Program for chemistry majors at OSU. Integrated Laboratory Program

Courses Taught:

Fall           Experimental Chemistry I  CH 361/ 361H Homepage
                 Experimental Chemistry II  CH 461/461H Homepage
                 Experimental Chemistry II CH 464 /464H (WIC) Homepage

Winter     Experimental Chemistry I CH 362/362H Homepage
                Experimental Chemistry II   CH 462/462H Homepage (WIC)
                Chemistry Safety Seminar CH 407/507/607 Section 10

Spring     Experimental Chemistry II CH 463/463H (WIC) Homepage

Research interests: 

 Mentoring Undergraduate Researchers:

2005 - Brandon James - CH 403, University Honors College Scholar, thesis project "Analysis of tryptophan by HPLC."  Brandon started Graduate School at University of Montana Fall 2005.

2005  - Kyle Hanson - CH 401, undergraduate research.  Interfacing with LabView and development of experiments using miniature fiber optic spectrometers.  Kyle is also an intern at CH2MHill in Corvallis.

2005 - David Hartmann-CH 401, undergraduate research-Bioorganic research in biotechnology.

1999 -Daisy Peel -CH 401; Photoreduction efficiency for 4-bromobenzophenone by FTIR;  Daisy now teaching at Lake Oswego High School, OR.

1998 -Adam McQueen -CH 401; Development of ion-pairing HPLC for riboflavin; Adam  joined the Peace Corps.  

Mentoring and organizing annual departmental undergraduate poster session:

bstracts from recent poster sessions:

Poster Abstracts from 2005

Poster Abstracts from 2004

Poster Abstracts from 2003

Poster Abstracts from 2002

Poster Abstracts from 2001

Professional service:

National Secretary for Phi Lambda Upsilon,  2001 - 2005
Departmental Safety Committee, Chair 1998-present
Curriculum Committee 1995-present
Honors and Awards Committee 2002-present
University Safety Committee 2000-present
Faculty advisor for Niobium Chapter of Iota Sigma Pi  1992-present
Faculty advisor for Alpha Beta Chapter of Phi Lambda Upsilon 1985-present
Undergraduate Chemistry advisor 1995-present
Outreach Activities for local K-12

Recent Awards:

Milton Harris Faculty Teaching Award, 2004
Mortar Board, Top Prof, 2002
Olaf Boedtker Award for Excellence in Advising, 1999

Professional Society Membership:

ACS (25 yrs)
Sigma Xi (27 yrs)
ISP (27 yrs)
PLU-Alpha Beta Chapter (27 yrs)
AAAS (3 yrs)

Recent Grants:

2005; The Camille and Henry Dreyfus, Special Grant Program for Chemical Sciences.
2006; 2005; 2004; 2002 Technology Resource Fund Grants, OSU .
2003; Writing Intensive Curriculum, OSU - Prepartion of writing guide for chemistry majors as part of the University WIC Baccaloreate Core Program
2003; Smith Grant, OSU.

mailing address: 
153 Gilbert Hall
Department of Chemistry
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331

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