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Pikachu was there stuck in a density warp!
(thanks Amy!)

Chemistry Fun for All
National Chemistry Week
brought to you by:
Iota Sigma Pi (ISP) and
Student Affiliates of the American Chemical Society (SAAC's) and the Department of Chemistry
at Oregon State University

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Jorg's famous fire breathing exercise

The Setup Team is up first:  Becky, Candis, D.J., Scott, Jackie, Jorg, Karen, Martha, Jason, Margie and Chris

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Then the participants appear!  (Hey... that kid in the back looks like Professor Lerner??!!)    M&M Chromatography, Chemistry in a Bag, SLIME, Secret Writing and ....Jackie leading the group to discover the fun properties of CO2(s) and green bubbles, NOT!!!

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Chemistry Demonstrations ala Margie, Martha, Jorg and Chris
- N2 (l), oscillating clock, OSU Beaver clock, Luminol, Genie in a Bottle, Dry Ice fountain

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Chemistry in a Bag: Place 2 parts CaCl2, 1 part NaHCO3 a sealable plasitc bag, then slide in a cup holding 10 mL of 0.1% Phenol Red indicator; Seal the bag;  Mix!!  Make your observations (Color??   Heat?? Gases evolving??)  Use deductive reasoning by doing new experiments to figure out what chemical does what.

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