psn00002.jpg (180738 bytes)Chemistry in Action- Before the Storm. psn00009.jpg (197101 bytes)The Master Chromatographer loves her work! psn00004.jpg (185268 bytes)Make that goop or gac or pasty polymer goo.. psn00010.jpg (192630 bytes)Vinegar and baking soda make carbon dioxide and puts out the flame.
psn00023.jpg (180057 bytes)Okay.. put in the PVOH, now the BORAX and psn00018.jpg (197729 bytes)The trade secrets are passed on to another generation of CHEMISTS! psn00006.jpg (186953 bytes)Invisible ink made visible with Windex!  
psn00019.jpg (178572 bytes)SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!! psn00005.jpg (179108 bytes)...KEEP ON SHAKING!! psn00007.jpg (181454 bytes)A WHOLE LOTTA SHAKEN GOIN ON! psn00008.jpg (184348 bytes)
Voila it's SLIME!!
  psn00014.jpg (175410 bytes)Science Jeopardy..and what do they win, Don Pardo?? psn00003.jpg (166083 bytes)Hey Steve Mathes!!  Department of Energy exhibit. psn00011.jpg (173318 bytes)DOE with STUDENTS.
psn00021.jpg (170662 bytes) Kitchen Chemicals and pH. Engineering Society for Women. psn00015.jpg (194977 bytes)CHE --hey they're making GAC too!! psn00017.jpg (177424 bytes)Professor Rochefort practices his Polymer Science lecture on a new crowd. psn00022.jpg (178456 bytes)Hey my hands are GREEN<<<!!!