The William C. Denison Memorial Fund

Biographical Sketch

extracted from Corvallis Gazette Times (April 2005) and The Thymes (June 2005)

William C. Denison (1929-2005) was born in Rochester , NY to Glenn Morris Denison and Rhoda Taylor Torrance Denison. He married Margaret Roxanne Mellinger in Chicope , MA in 1948. He received bachelor's and master's degrees in botany from Oberlin College in 1950 and 1952 and a doctoral degree in mycology from Cornell University in 1956. In 1955 he was appointed as Assistant Professor at Swarthmore College , New York . In 1966 he became Associate Professor in the Department of Botany and Pathology at Oregon State University where he stayed until his retirement in 1993. He taught general botany, mycology, plant ecology and plant pathology. Many of his students received their doctoral degrees and became scientists, professors and mycologists. In 1992, OSU presented with the Loyd Carter Award for Outstanding and Inspirational Teaching. Bill founded the Northwest Mycological Consultants in 1985 which has been involved with mushroom research, contracts, and consulting farmers throughout the world. He contributed to the Forest Ecosystem Management Assessment Team, which wrote the Northwest Forest Plan. He co-founded the Willamette Institute of Biological Control, a non-profit organization dedicated to developing practical environmentally friendly pest control solutions. In the late 1960's he served as mentor to the Association of Conscientious, Thoughtful Students at OSU which started the First Alternative Natural Foods Co-op in Corvallis, and one of his four children, Tom, has provided produce from the Denison farm ever since. Bill also helped form the Adair Volunteer Fire Department. Bill is survived by his wife Margo, their four children, and several grandchildren.










The Endowment

Contributions in the name of William C. Denison can be made to the Botany and Plant Pathology Endowment in Honor and Memory of Alumni and Friends in support of educational programs in the Department.